My sister agreed to call me after school drop off one day last week. She is very good at decorating in the home. My decorating style can be classified as the ‘lazy’ kind. It seems to just be something that I don’t put a lot of effort into.

So I had started to feel somewhat guilty. I have Christmas decorations and I don’t like the look of too much decorations, but I seem to just pull the pieces out of the storage box, set something on a shelf and move on to the next thing. I haven’t reflected much on it in prior years, however, last December I had just written an exam and was amping up for a final training price. The December prior I was starting on my big learning journey for my newer job at work. The December before that was the ‘Covid (2020) December,’ where everyone was just wanting to get through the holidays without any more disasters happening.

I always admire beautiful homes and well thought out decor and designs. I look at beautiful pictures on Pinterest for ideas, rooms that look so perfectly put together. The trouble is, we live in our house 😆, I can’t expect it to look like we don’t. So I think the overwhelm of where to start sees to it that I just don’t start – and stay status quo.

Another set back is that I always think cost. When I really assess decorating ideas, I just think of it in terms of the value of a Christmas gift I could better be putting the money towards. There is plenty of people to shop for, so it has felt foolish to me to put the equivalent of a gift (or more) towards my own decor. To summarize, I overthink it. Which is no big surprise

Clare phone me and we had a FaceTime chat to which she gave me some very helpful suggestions. For a side console table, she noticed all the clutter and told me to empty the entire thing and add things back that I want to include. I ended up with a lovely looking table with a couple of Christmas pieces on it and a variety of some of my favourite things – books!

Decorating isn’t my most favourite creative pursuit, and with a little attention and intentional decorating, I aim to get better at it, even if it’s very gradual. One piece of furniture or area of a room at a time. Then the holidays will be that much more magical with some intention behind the placement.

Sending Love,


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