I saw a post discussion recently about being overstimulated. With having so many things going on all around us, constantly – this can have an impact on our general mood and mental health. The examples given seemed ‘normal’ in the sense it was everyday life stuff: kids trying to get your attention, washer and dryer going, phone beeping with notifications, dog barking.

There are always going to be lots of things pulling at your attention, I don’t think that is unique to current life. But I do think that with things like social media or electronics pulling our attention in so many ways, it has ‘normalized’ the stimulation and constant distractions.

As I saw it stated somewhere, ‘let’s not confuse someone’s free time with their availability.’ Which I love. As you know, I very much like and need, my introvert time. Quiet and or alone. So not being ‘stimulated’ by stuff all the time is important to me. Free time to me, means ‘my time,’ how I want to spend it, and not being committed to a task or other’s expectations. Choosing to turn the phone off and read, or paint or journal. Things that focus my attention onto one thing or task ~ such as meditation, and quieting everything else around me.

Some time in this way, daily, is something I feel is important and helpful for my mental health. There is lots of stimulation that is normal and needed to keep us sharp and thinking. But to balance that, quiet and alone time gives us time to process and reflect. I guess it all just comes down to balance.

Sending Love,


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