Our sculpture teacher was checking in with each of us on the progress of our assignment. We had 4 weeks to complete the work. Week one, I didn’t have a plan. Week two, I didn’t have a plan. We were mid way through week 3 when we had our meeting. He wanted to see what my method was and brainstorm possibilities based on ideas I had started with.

I told him I wasn’t worried. I had noticed that when we had been assigned bigger projects like this in the past, I would be blank with my ideas and be unsure what to do, but then in time, my brain would supply me with an idea and away I would go. It never failed me, and it could be that the pressure is higher as we draw nearer the deadline, so something just clicks.

I explained all of this. I’ve never forgotten his reaction and response. That he would leave me to it then and was surprised at my self reflection to notice and understand this about myself.

At the time, it just seemed like it was ‘my method,’ but having been complimented that it was an exercise in self reflection, I think that carried on and contributed to further reflection in my life. That event more or less enhanced the magnifying lens, I suppose.

This came to mind this week with a project I have been working on. Something I have not been advancing with as steadily as I would have liked. And for a couple of months now, I have known what the answer is, what I needed to do. It involves getting up even earlier. As early as I always get up, the hours in my day all seem to be spoken for with general task, family life, my job, and my art and blog. So this ‘extra early’ can speed things along for that other piece. I will explain more on what exactly that is at a later time.

The self reflection was instrumental in knowing what I needed to do. Also knowing myself, I had to have things prepped the night before, so as to take down any road blocks preventing me from following through. Things like having my ‘creative stuff’ ready on the table. So I don’t have to dig through baskets or haul out of cupboards – things I know that may cause noise and wake the family – which I have used as an excuse in the past to not get out of bed. Having a sweater and slippers so getting out of a cosy bed is less painful. And having the mental arguments ready: Future me will be happy I took that extra step. Future me will be so gratified that present me spent even 30 minutes a day advancing towards this goal. Think of how much I could have gotten done if I had started a week or a month before – so don’t put it off.

Reflection doesn’t feel like anything special, no one would call it a ‘talent,’ certainly. And it’s always evolving as we evolve. But that reflection is what I draw on to know how I can overcome something. What my ‘blocks’ might be – even if it’s all in my head. Self reflection can be that kick, that little guide sitting on your shoulder saying, ‘you know this is how you work, so just do it already. You know the answer. You know this is your optimal way of getting something done.’

My reflection, once again, is proving to be right, and although my days start earlier, it’s been rejuvenating to make progress again. Another reason to be thankful and add to my list of gratitude.

Sending Love,


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