Mental Block

As you know, a goal I set last year was to step out of my comfort zone (again) and seek advice about growing my Instagram page. I had a few meetings with someone who does marketing and photography, someone local to me, who I had been following on Instagram as well.

Back in September, in our call, he suggested that as Reels draw lots of views, that I should create 3-4 per week. At first, it seemed like no big deal, but being the over thinker that I am, I soon realized, this required more planning and forethought. And then the creating of them – the painting, and picking the appropriate music. My schedule for my Instagram page was already 3 pieces per week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I decided, I would do what I could, considering I work full time and was going through courses and licensing for my work (Investment Representative). I wouldn’t exert myself too much with worrying about it. I also made the decision to not create Reels just for the sake of creating a reel. There are definitely some audios that are over used. I would either showcase some work OR do process pieces.

Ok, so fast forward to last week. This part makes me laugh. It struck me out of the blue. Dylan, who helped me, never said to do 3-4 Reels in addition to my schedule of 3 pieces per week. That was never what he said or implied. I somehow took that on myself. It’s like I just created my own mental block and thought that was just the only way. Maybe it is because I committed to that schedule so constantly since March of 2018 (ah! Happy 4 year anniversary, Blog and art page!)

After shaking my head at myself and realizing how ridiculous I am, I can now ease up on myself on my own self imposed ‘rules’. Now that I have had this realization, I will still evaluate and decide how I want the scheduling of my art pieces to be, but I can break free a bit from thinking so literally. And I am also developing my style, I guess you could say, of what type of Reel I want to create and enjoying the fun aspects of that.

I’ve known this about myself as far as thinking so literally with some things, that I know this won’t be the last time that I have a mental block because of rules that I just assume. For being a fairly creative person, I don’t know why I can’t seem to creatively make my way around scenarios sometimes.

And if I do, it can be months later. The realization dawns, and the mental block is suddenly gone.

Sending Love,


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