Quiet in Chaos

I kind of loathe arcade places.  I didn’t grow up with video games.  I never spent time in arcades, and now that I have two boys – and a husband who did enjoy this pastime while growing up, I have been a few times.  It just feels dark, loud, usually dirty and seems an odd way to pass time.  Remember, I am not a video game person, I grew up with sisters, loved Disney movies and artwork.

In the past when we have gone, I enjoy it as much as I enjoy hanging around while my husband looks at tools, or shopping for hockey equipment.  That is to say, I am super bored.  I walk around wishing I were anywhere else, doing anything else.

I have told you that I have been spending the last two years improving my mindset and working on positive thinking and personal (soul) growth.  A fun thing I have discovered is this is the perfect thing to ‘do’ while I am waiting.  Waiting while my family does any of the boring things mentioned above, or while waiting at the arena for hockey games to start.  I can narrow my area of focus on what I want to improve with my mindset.  I can center myself if I am feeling anxious.

This has taken me years to realize as I am very much a ‘do-er’, so it is hard to feel enjoyment waiting, when I have a large to-do list at home.  I have tormented myself thinking of all the things I could be doing.  Which then made me grumpy that I wasn’t accomplishing any of these to-dos.  Being grumpy doesn’t help me raise my vibration or frequency to draw good things into my life.  So I may as well work with what I have.

As you know, from my blog Silence (January 28th), we were in LA recently. In this blog and before we left, I was mentally preparing for not having my moments of silence that I have come to appreciate.

Until we got to Carlsbad, and we were in a Dave and Busters – an arcade / restaurant combined.  In one of the loudest, most chaotic venues, I did find my silence. Of all the places I could possibly have the most enjoyable memories from our trip, this was not one I was expecting.  Maybe it was the enjoyment of just appreciating being with my guys and knowing they were so excited to be there and play arcade games, win tokens and the food was much better than I would have anticipated for an arcade restaurant. They all went happily off to play, and I just waited.  In a comfortable booth, my belly was full and I enjoyed the time to myself.  Truthfully, I almost fell asleep.  I read some quotes, reflected on them and appreciated.  Peace truly does come from within.

Waiting is now time very well spent.






2 thoughts on “Quiet in Chaos

  1. As I have mentioned before Devon, I love your blog and really look forward to it each week. I love quiet times and reading your blog always provides interesting experiences and subjects to ponder. Thank you again.

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