I was watching a short video on Instagram of Robin Sharma. He talks about 5 words of advice he would give if he were on his death bed. The third word was ‘protect.’ He explained that this is important to him as he feels that what you work hard for, you should protect, as in, don’t squander your success if you have succeeded in your ambitions. Your family, you should protect. Your vision, you should protect.

I agree with this but would go further to also add: your mental health, your energy and your intuition. If you develop a trust and belief in yourself, those are vitally important to protect. To stand firm in your values and not waver.

To protect these, for me that means self-care, self-love, meditation. It means developing an unwavering belief in yourself. It also means having people in your life that encourage you, believe in you. It also means saying no to things that drain your energy, or that don’t align with how you want to use your time.

I have been listening to some audios lately which I am sure I will share with you at some point, but it has really brought to light some unconscious beliefs. Discussions on understanding what trusting yourself really looks like (just meaning that I thought I did, but maybe I haven’t always, or fully, trusted myself). As you become aware of things like this, you realize it can’t be made un-aware again, nor would you want it to. So now you can protect this advanced view of yourself. Maybe I should say more aware view of yourself.

Protect the growth you have done, and the opportunity of further growth. Once you set a goal, once you realize what you could do, or as you begin to learn your true power, you can’t settle and you can’t go back. To do so, would be devastating.

Sending Love,


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