Staying in. That is the theme right now. And it just so happens, being at home with my family is one of my favourite things.

I adore my boys, so any time I get to spend at home with them is treasured. There has been lots of change in the last week – I promise I will tell you all about it, as I work in an essential service.

My youngest boy turned 9 on Monday. My grandparents would have had their 75th anniversary on the 21st, and Spring has begun! With things changing daily – things that no one has control over, which wreak havoc on the emotions, it was rejuvenating to see the sun. And to have these events filled with love.

We got out in the yard over the weekend, the boys rode bikes daily while I walked along with them. We have done lots of baking, we watched some movies. We read to each other, we even started a puzzle. Owen was disappointed to miss out on a birthday party, but he did have 3 FaceTime calls with friends. I made a roast beef dinner with Yorkshire pudding, and we had ice cream cake – that I scored in the Dairy Queen drove thru! I was so thankful they were open.

There is so much on social media about the importance of staying home, about the challenges with this, the challenges of no schools in session. There are posts encouraging the gratefulness. Posts that make me think these are the types of things that people living through wars were grateful for. (See above – image source unknown) “We’ll know to never take for granted, those little things again.” My grandparents could relate to this. This both shocks and comforts me, that we feel as they did, but that we haven’t lived through nearly as hard times as they had. We have a lot to be grateful for. I get to stay at home with my family.

Big hugs to you all! Keep well,


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