This past week, it has been my great luxury to sit and read a full novel, cover to cover. A little over a year ago, I began a new role at my work, which involved completing two courses. On December 3rd, I wrote the third and final exam, and the week following, I had a holiday from work.

Reading course work for a year straight has been challenging and rewarding, and I am very happy and proud to have completed it. And then I spent a quiet week mostly around home, getting ready for Christmas, painting, and reading this book. I love to read. I had a bit high ambition at the start of the year to read a book a month. While working full time, taking my courses, and you know, family life. I don’t know what I was thinking, it was so unrealistic.

I did find that in between studying, when I just had to read something not related to the Canadian Securities, it was easier to pick up some of my personal growth books as that is more appropriate in intervals and brief time frames. Once I get into a story, I just want to see it through!

This book pictured, I picked out two years ago and hadn’t read it yet. It is about two doctors who operate a family practice in a small Irish town at Christmastime. Completely enjoyed it. So much so that I looked for this author when I was able to spend some time in my favourite book store which is in Victoria, Bolen Books. I also did this in my week off, visiting Bolen’s. I found more books by Patrick Taylor and was surprised to learn he lives on a neighbouring Island, Salt Spring.

I look forward to reading lots more over the next few weeks and I should definitely be able to get that goal next year. At least one book per month. 🤗

Novel recommendations welcome!

Sending Love,


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