Writing Scraps

I mentioned last week in Reconnecting, that I found some old artwork as I had to pull them out of our basement since we are renovating.  This week, I had reason to declutter areas of my bedroom.  I have areas where I tend to keep my special things tucked away.  We will have to box up most of these as some of the reno comes upstairs.

One day, I worked on the area around my dresser and full-length mirror, another day, the area around my bedside table and also had a go at the stuff under my bed.

I may be considered a pack rat, but I have been getting better as time goes by.  My sister, Meghan would be so proud (we tease her by calling her ‘Monica’ the neat freak from the show Friends).  Some of the things I found, I hadn’t touched in years.  I found lots of old writing of mine.  Lots of notebooks which I had forgotten about, various loose papers with memories written down that I didn’t want to forget.  I have idea notebooks, even a business plan notebook.  I had researched how to put together a business plan and have a few drafts of one to do with a writing/ art idea.  There are ideas for blogs, ideas for solving problems.  A lot of thoughts.  Some ideas weren’t great (most, really), but I can see the development of ideas as I add to and edit them.  I like to do that as it can really help to evolve ideas if I am reminded of where it started.  I like it also for tracking – to remember where an idea started and what journey it took.  Maybe upon reviewing that journey I may decide I should take a different route.  It isn’t good to disregard the route you have already been on.  It is like a personal evolution, if you keep going on the same journey in circles, you never actually get anywhere.

Apparently, I have had blog ideas for years but didn’t commit to anything.  I thought in order to have a blog, it had to have a theme.  I also was concerned about posting on a regular basis.  I wasn’t about to start a blog and then run out of steam 5 posts in (or 20 or whatever), and here I am, 48 posts and 48 weeks later and still going (consistency in presenting means a lot to me).  It goes to show it wasn’t supposed to happen any other way than how it has.

Just like finding old art, it is nice to reconnect with these writing pieces and be reminded of my thought journeys.  Who knows the evolution that can still happen.

with Love,


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