Love and Listen

Have you heard that more people are saying ‘I love you,’ now that restrictions are lifting, Covid fear is lessening, and people can get back to gathering again? I mean friends, your people. The appreciation for loved ones is coming through as perhaps people don’t want to miss chances anymore of telling those close to you, that you love them. I have experienced it myself, and I realized it, as it was happening. It caught me off guard a little, as I am still learning to accept compliments.

I also have to get better at letting down some barriers, not to be so shy about showing my affection and appreciation for my friendships too. I think I am always worried I am going to make it awkward. But the care and feeling is there, nonetheless.

Then on a bit of a different end of the ‘love’ scale, but certainly on the scale, the connection aspect.

I had visits with two women in their nineties today. Separate circumstances, all in one day. Both genuinely appreciated someone to talk to, about life and about family. Just soaking in the company. I like people, so was happy to listen. That’s all people really want sometimes. Someone to listen to them. They also listened to me, but they enjoyed the eye contact and being listened to.

The last year, plus, has been hard on lots of people that feed on connection. It’s been hard on those that have felt isolated. Just being around people more frequently again, is a blessing.

So if the last week has taught me anything, it is to tell your close ones you love them, accept the compliment graciously if someone tells you that, and if love conversations are not the right fit for some relationships or circumstances, listening goes a long way. Listening conveys care and affection. Choosing to spend or use your time listening to someone expresses love in the kindness and respect kind of way.

It’s nice to connect again, so my attention will be to love and to listen.

Sending Love to you! (Thanks for reading)


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