When there is something you don’t want to forget, do you write it down in a notebook?  I am talking about memories and things said.

Yesterday, I was home with my sick younger son, Owen and he was telling me lots of stories of his world.  At one point, he was talking about how the dumbest way to die (kidspeak of course meaning a tragic way to die for a simple reason – something that people do every day) would be to choke on food.  I chuckled a little bit ONLY because I reminded him that the one and only time we have been in an ambulance was when he was quite little and choked on a small piece of plastic from a lolly-pop wrapper.  When he was a baby, he would do this thing when he was crying and would get so worked up that he would ‘silent’ cry and almost stop breathing. 

I was at home with the boys and when Owen started choking, we went to the doctor’s office a block away and went in the ambulance to the hospital from there.  Jay came home that day to an unlocked house, lights on and a child medical book laying open on the floor to the ‘choking’ page.  Poor Jay – an effective way to panic your spouse.

Of course the topic doesn’t make me chuckle, but the way Owen brought this up out of the blue did, so I did write this comment down.  I didn’t have my usual notebook (you know me and my notebooks) since almost our whole house is in boxes while we renovate. So I started a note on my phone in the meantime to document this one.  All of my various notebooks will definitely come in handy for my books that I have planned. 😊

Our home renovation is still happening, we have asbestos drywall being removed from our house which started yesterday and should be finished tomorrow.  Lots happening!  It will be so nice when this is done and we can get the new drywall, paint and finishing touches in. (follow progress on Instagram @mcfaddencontracting )

And you are reading my 70th post! 70 weeks of writing here 😊 THANK YOU FOR READING!




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