I am sure many people have their patterns and habits of daily routine. I have come to really know myself and realize how much of a creature of habit I truly am.

Same morning routine, every day, down to specific ‘affirmations’ in my day journal. Same breakfast, same schedule. Same set ‘weekly’ things like the day I write my blog, the days I work on art pieces, or post art posts. Certain foods, certain audios I want to listen to – all of those little things that make up a bigger picture, I suppose.

So then take a week where something is ‘different.’ This week – 3 ‘somethings,’ in fact.

1) This morning, I had to drop my car off for some repairs at a town close by. I had to be out the door 20 minutes sooner than normal. This changed the school drop off schedule as our younger son couldn’t be at school that early. This also means I drive a loaner car for the next 3 days.

2) After work today, the work crew wanted to go to the driving range. I really enjoy going to the driving range, and as I couldn’t go to the driving range event they planned a few weeks ago, I decided I would join them today.

3) Tomorrow, I take our puppy in to the vet for his appointment to be neutered.

It’s interesting to me that, since I am such a ‘set schedule’ type of person, that these 3 things, which, individually, are really nothing special and no big deal, make my week feel like more of a big deal, and more things to juggle. Although, I do think a lot of people are also like this.

I successfully dropped off the car, and have their loaner to use, and that’s all fine – driving an automatic takes getting used to!

At lunch today, I swung home to pick up my golf clubs and change of clothes to be ready to go after work. It’s been really raining here for ages, weeks and weeks, so to be honest, part of me was hoping the downpour might continue at 5 pm and then I could just go home. But the rain stopped, the sun tried to come out and 5 of us from work went out to the golf course. It’s been so many years since I have been to the driving range, and I enjoyed it just as much as I always had in the past. I really thought, this is something I could whip out and do on a lunch break. And I am definitely going to join in on other after-work occasions.

I am so glad I went, even if it’s easier to go home and just do the same thing I always do when I get home. The driving range really energized me. The benefit also is that because this energized me, the other things that I have to take care of this week, feel much more manageable. Not that they weren’t going to be manageable… but little boosts like this still help.

Tomorrow, I take puppy in to the vet before work. I was able to get out early today so I know I can do it again tomorrow. Trust me, getting myself and 2 boys out the door on time is very much a success.

Even when some things feel like they will add more work and more things to manage, it’s also – often times, precisely what I need. Agreeing to go to the driving range on ‘blog day’ added something I enjoy to my afternoon, before I set to work on something that is so important to me, I won’t allow it to NOT happen. Gaining energy from something I enjoy before proceeding with something I have been very committed to. That’s the kind of thing I don’t regret changing my schedule for.

Sending Love,


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