I heard the song ‘Cover Me In Sunshine’ by Pink and her daughter the other day, and it was just what I needed to hear. The Lyrics and the instrumental pieces.

Cover me in Sunshine. That’s what I feel like. And sometimes, you have to make your own sunshine. Imagine it and let it soak over you. Feel the warmth.

The days when you feel overwhelmed or anxious. When I have those days, I feel like I don’t want to spread that energy. If I talk negatively with others, or express fear for the things we all imagine in our minds, I always think about the law of attraction. You give life to what you give energy to. I think it’s a balance between venting and having those you can trust and talk to about your fears – I do think that’s important – and spreading or perpetuating energy you don’t want to give attention to. I have noticed I tend to not want to burden others with negativity, so I just won’t go there.

I think ultimately it’s knowing yourself. Knowing when you need to talk, go talk, because it can feel lonely if you don’t. Knowing when you have a bit of anxiousness, but can recognize it, and know a few steps you can take to pull you out if it, then do that. Cover you in sunshine. Listen to the music that brings you joy, pull out the go-to quotes that remind you of the power you really have, paint something, watch funny cat videos. Whatever it is. When I first started learning about the law of attraction, I made a list of things. I even wrote down some song lyrics. Then you have something at your fingertips. What is your sunshine?

Sending Love,


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