Part 3 of 3

So now that we have gone over being aware and being the witness to your thoughts and emotions, I want to talk about Lucid Dreams. This is relevant, I promise. Just a little backstory first.

As you know, I have been learning about meditation, and dreams and the importance of writing down your dreams. I have been making note of what I remember each morning for a few months now. Then another Masterclass became available through Mindvalley, that I had to watch, about Lucid Dreaming. The speaker, Charlie Morley explains what Lucid Dreaming is: you are actively aware that you are dreaming as the dream is happening. You can become the choreographer and declare statements of intent to your subconscious mind. It is fascinating and includes real life benefits for practicing something in your dream, from music to athletics to invention. Charlie outlines techniques that have worked for people to have a Lucid Dream. The first two are recalling and keeping a diary of your dreams, which I already do. The next step is to look for patterns in your dreams for your dream signs. Something that happens more frequently when you are dreaming which helps you to recognize and be aware that you are dreaming. So that when you have a dream, if that sign appears, you can have more success to become conscious in your dream. His example was a dragon. So I looked back through my notebook. There was not one thing that stood out as a consistent sign. But I did notice, in general, how my dreams were not ‘life like.’ Meaning, it was clearly not ‘my life’. Things weren’t ‘normal’ or routine for what my life is. I hope that makes sense. My dreams are very realistic but it’s just like I have joined a scene with people that I know.

The odd thing is, that night, I did have a Lucid dream. I had a bizarre dream and part way in, I looked around and thought ‘this has all the characteristics of being a dream.’ I looked at my hand in the dream, which was blurry (a clear sign you are not awake) and there was a prism of light. I exclaimed to myself ‘I’m dreaming!’ I did choreograph an intention that I have, and I was amazed to remember in my dream what I wanted to declare as my intention. I was pretty impressed with myself 😅

What I learned or came to realize with this experience is, what’s to say we just have ‘dream signs’ for our dreams? As I experience ‘being’ the awareness, and recognize that I am not my mind, it changes how I witness my life. It takes practice to remember to be aware. We all get sucked into our emotions or some narrative in our minds. So I can create ‘signs’ to remind me to come back to the present moment and be aware again. And if I think about it, I already have many signs. What is something that makes you forget about life’s troubles and feel gratitude? Start there. A sunset? A rainbow? A four leaf clover? A dew covered spider web? For me, a specific number.. a soap bubble, a ladybug, an eagle, a light reflection. Those moments of magic, that make time and space seem to disappear. We all have them. It’s just a matter of being aware of them more often, which leads to ‘being’ more and more often. Much like pulling your head out of the sand and being awestruck by what’s around you. Look for those signs that bring you back to reverential alertness. Look for them until you laugh at the synchronicity, like the Universe is winking at you. Then we can snap out of our dream-like life state and have more participation choreographing our life rather than having everything happen to us.

Sending Love,


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