I stumbled upon a post in Instagram, that was a live Q&A with Rhonda Byrne who is known for her book and movie, ‘The Secret.’

I stopped scrolling to watch a little bit of it, as I was curious, what does her voice sound like, what kind of questions might she answer. Sometimes watching ‘live’ talks on social media, I find a bit painful as the host doesn’t get down to the point and the Q&As, but pauses and acknowledges people watching. Of course this can feel more personal, but the interruption mid thought of the host noticing people and saying hi is distracting. Rhonda did handle this better than I have witnessed before though. 👌

One of the things she said which snagged my attention was in regards to effortless manifestation. She just explains it with such ease. That you make a decision. You don’t believe negative thoughts or doubt. And then I can hear Marissa Peer’s voice (whom I have also watched speak before) saying one of her key phrases, ‘just don’t let it in.’ Don’t allow negative thought into your mind. Don’t accept it. Rhonda talks about her newest book, which is quite new, The Greatest Secret, during the live Q&A as well.

The next day, was the day I happened to be leaving work early, for a dental appointment for my son. The appointment took all of 10 minutes, we still had the afternoon free, so we headed into the nearby mall for a couple of things. A bookstore is in that mall that I had a gift certificate for. So we go there, and of course this book is there. Needless to say, of course I bought it. And have devoured it since then.

It is funny how things appear into your life at the right time and you can see the unfolding of events has all been leading to the next thing and so on. I can say that starting my ‘positivity’ journey over 4 years ago has led to learning about myself and growing and this book is where I am at now. In fact, what I am reading in this book, I have come to understand and realize over these years. It is confirmation of that which I have learned. The first book I started with during this unfolding was ‘The Secret.’ And there have been lots of reading and learning along the way that has aligned perfectly with now picking up ‘The Greatest Secret.’

What I thought at the beginning was positivity and then physics has now become spiritual.

“The real you is infinitely grand and glorious, whole, perfect, and in total peace, and you are blinding yourself to this by assuming that you are a limited ego. Drop the blinder, the ego, and be forever in perfect peace and joy. When you have found yourself – you will have everything.” ~ Lester Levenson.

Sending Love,


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