Hall Closet

We have a hall closet, that was always just not quite deep enough to be a proper jacket closet. It was kind of useless when it came to storing out of season coats and apparel. But with little space in our home, they had to go somewhere.

I opened this closet last week and just gazed in. It was the silliest thing, but I just stared at this closet now feeling grateful. Post Reno (in which we added a basement to our home, and the kids’ bedrooms are downstairs, a Rec room, laundry and an extra bathroom – on instagram under ‘mcfaddencontracting’ but I have lots more photos to add!), we no longer try to jam coats in here. It is now shelved, with my cleaning supplies, extra bathroom supplies, such as soaps, the first aid kit, the medicine bin, and the cat litter supplies. The coats fit in all our own closets, as well as a spare downstairs Rec room closet. All it took was staring at extra bars of soap in this closet to make me think of the quote above.

I let it wash over me. Still so grateful we could do this, and expand our home to fit our family better. Living in the previous version of our house already feels like a long time ago. We did the renovation in 2019, after living in this house since 2007. We lived in the old, tiny version for so long. When I am looking for something I still think of where I used to keep it in the ‘old house.’ We changed everything though, so it’s all just a memory. A memory of praying everyday for what we have today.

That last sentence made my eyes water. All because of bars of soap in a closet.

I wish for everyone to have their own version of my hall closet.

Sending Love,


13 thoughts on “Hall Closet

      • Even though I am positive enough that things are going to get on track as I wished but still something is ruining my mental peace…


      • What has helped me is: focus on the end result~ how you want to feel,
        And you are not your mind, don’t believe doubt and negative thought ~ don’t let it in, and be the watched of your thoughts, witness and be aware of them, don’t attach them to you.


      • There is someone in my contact who can predict things…and to be honest I am really dare enough to face what ever God provide me in the name of future…

        And the story is that I love a boy…even I know he too loves me but as we are INDIAN love faces restrictions and just because he is afraid that may be we don’t have any future he back stepped and it’s been 16 month but the day I knew about the man who can tell me I am desperate to know whether there is a single chance…and if there is than I will again try to make him understand or simply wait for the right time

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      • Yes…the SECRET from RHONDA BYRNE I read it

        I feel now everything will be fine and he himself will come back…that’s why I am thinking to take a chance by myself to work out on things that can be better

        to be honest I am not here to publicate my pain
        And truth is that there are so many big problems in my life(may be everyone does have) but all this problems can never have solutions
        So the only thing that I can work on was my love life may be it can take me out of depression
        And just bcz I am mentally exhausted I thought asking someone may help me out
        Btw thnxxx

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