I always remember that my grandma didn’t tell anyone her age. She would avoid the question or respond with things like ‘old enough’ or something that would be an answer without stating the number. I didn’t learn her age until after she passed away. We knew she was older than grandpa, which was not typical for her generation so her age was never talked about. We later learned that she was 4 years older. We found it amusing that we didn’t know and no one knew, we even joked that grandpa probably didn’t know either. People deal with aging so differently, and with her, I don’t think it was the getting older part as much as it was the older than him, part. She was 90 when she passed away.

I had a day off last Wednesday, on the 8th. It was my 39th birthday. Every year older I think of the quote above and am thankful for my life and experiences on this earth.

On my day off I stayed home all day and it was glorious. The boys were back in school and my husband was at work. I enjoyed a quiet house. I painted, I did a guided mediation, I did up a vision board and I also finished updating this website. Over the course of the week prior, I had a few hiccups with trying to upload the photos and then had to start my portfolio page over. When I picked a new template, it came together flawlessly.

It is good for the soul when you can have a day to relax but one that is also productive, doing just the right mix of activities that keep you inspired. When people asked how I spent my day, I just answered with, ‘The boys were back in school so I had a quiet house to myself.’ Enough said. How I feed my soul is personal, but we’re friends, right?

I don’t mind getting older. It’s interesting how we still feel young though. It’s always hard to believe when you think of how much time has passed since events like graduating high school (21 years), having my oldest son (15 years), being in my relationship with my husband (19 years). I feel like I could still be in my late twenties.

I have already decided that I will enjoy getting older, observing my life and the world around me. Perhaps I will be fortunate enough to also reach age 90 like my grandma. And I have to say, I am excited to think about achieving the goals that are on my vision board and think of what else I might do in the years to come. With age comes more possibilities of creating a life I love.

Sending Love,


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