Since it is recommended that we visit the grocery store once weekly, I am finding myself challenged in a new way. In a very European manner, I tend to buy what I need almost each day. Quite honestly, I am not sure if it is influenced from when I lived in Europe or it could simply be laziness from thinking about meal planning more than a day ahead, a chore I do not enjoy.

I am now having to be more prepared and have meal options on hand. Also, being the frugal one of the family, I go so far as to hide snacks so they don’t all get eaten on day one. Jay thinks that I ‘ration’ the food, and he isn’t wrong. I keep back-up food and only pull it out when necessary. A habit I became accustomed to with inconsistent income (life of the self employed). He told me the other day, that I would have kicked butt in the depression, that this is my ‘wheelhouse’. I will take that as a compliment (and I am using that in the novel I am writing, you read it here first).

It feels like things are changing every week. It’s all gradual change, but it is change nonetheless. The grocery store goes from allowing everyone in but keeping distance from the checkout, to allowing in only so many people at once (with security), to now also marking direction arrows on each lane and re-configuring the produce so customers should never come face to face with others in opposing directions. As well as us packing our own re-useable bags as they don’t want to touch them.

My work is changing still as well, as so many people need banking and the phone support needs have tripled plus some. In addition to commuting and working out of the neighbouring community credit union branch, I will work remotely as well, so I can continue to connect with the people I support.

With the boys home all the time, our cat seems to be the most affected, wanting back his quiet recluse. He has resorted to hiding from the boys and their attempts to cuddle him (aka smother). We have been playing more card games and doing some PE outside – running up and down the stairs. I am part of a Children’s writers and illustrators group on Facebook for my area, and I have volunteered to read a middle school age novel to the boys for their feedback to the author. We started reading this on the weekend which the boys are enthusiastic about. A good activity during this time at home!

I hope you are all well and healthy, wherever you are! I continue to be thankful for this family together time. Although a weird time in the world today, having to stay home is also in my ‘wheelhouse.’

Stay well! Sending Love,


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