2020 Thus Far

This is such a weird year. In some ways, time seemed to really drag on, like when our corner of the world seemed to be shut down. But also, a lot has happened. It feels like decades since January.

I think a huge range of emotions which make a period of time feel like a rollercoaster – in a weird way, make it feel like so much time has passed. I was thinking back to January. When the world was ‘normal’ for us. And how, in less then two weeks, my work location will re-open, but will be far from normal now.

There were times during this pandemic, which shut my local world down in mid-March, that people around me were surprised that the virus was being talked about in January. It had been on my family’s radar that far back.

I don’t think I told you the details of our LA trip. We left January 29th from Vancouver. We had been aware there was a virus and that at that time, some flights from China were not allowed to land at certain airports. We were going for my son to play hockey. I know that kind of sounds crazy for an 8 year old. But at a spring tournament in Vancouver last year, a connection was made between some of the hockey dads, and this person who was coordinating a tournament in LA. It was suggested these kids attend. The tournament was at the LA Kings training facility in El Segundo and was put on by the LA Junior Kings and the Beijing Junior Kings. Along with us Canadians, there was a team of kids from Mexico, and one from China and two teams of LA Junior Kings kids. Unfortunately, with the virus, there were some concerned parents with the LA Jr Kings and we weren’t able to play against the team from China – who had already been in the country a week prior. They were there and did get ice time, but we were disappointed not to be able to play them. The LA Junior Kings and the Kings franchise were great hosts. They had a swag bag for the kids, the president of the team, Luc Robitaille was there to meet the kids and give them a little pep talk before their first session. Side note – the dads were more star struck and I snagged a picture subtly, of one of the dads talking to Luc, who had named his own boy Luke, after him. They even had their mascot go out on the ice with the kids.

We had such a great trip in the LA area, we were able to see an LA Kings game in LA while we were there and saw the Kobe Bryant memorial downtown as well as at the Lakers training facility that was a couple blocks from our hotel. I am so glad we could see that, and my husband wrote on the memorial wall. He was a big fan and had followed Kobe’s entire career. We also had time in Disneyland.

Looking back, I am so thankful we had this vacation when we did. It couldn’t have happened now, lots of things will be quite different for a while. It seems like so long ago, and a little over a month after we got home, everything got shut down here, and Hockey was abruptly over.

Tomorrow begins the second half of this year, it will be interesting to see where we go from here! I will think positively!

Sending Love and positive vibes,


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