Calvin, pictured here with Hobbes

I told you in the summer last year that we got a puppy, and we named him Calvin. He is a golden retriever and Bernese Mountain dog cross, and a big friendly, lovable boy, who is now quite big, he’s gotta be about 100 pounds!

We have never had a dog before so as the time approached for us to plan a weekend away to Seattle for a hockey tournament for the older boy we weren’t really sure what we do with the guy. We had a lead on a lady who was recommended to us. She has a farm and hosts dogs overnight if people go away. I had phoned her some weeks ago and she was very busy at the time with tenants moving in to one area and she was fostering a dog of someone that had passed away and needed a new home. When I spoke with her on the phone, I found her to be very knowledgeable about dogs, and since Calvin is still only a puppy, at 10 months old now, she also suggested a training book by Patricia McConnell – Family Friendly Dog Training.

I ordered the book right away, and we started on some of the training methods. Some which we had some foundation in with a few puppy classes we had attended. Such a good book, I recommend it!

Some weeks went by and we hadn’t heard back but I know she had a lot on the go. So I started to think about what other people do… boarding, pet sitting, pawning him off to a trusted friend? Except we aren’t ones to ask or expect anyone to offer, so that last one doesn’t work for us.

And then, she phoned! We met our dog whisperer referred person on Sunday with the farm. We brought Calvin to meet her, she will take him while we are away and we will have him go for some ‘day care’ a couple of days a week as well for some socializing time as she has a few dogs herself as well as others that come for the day.

It was a relief for me that he can stay with her, a lady who was recommended and highly regarded. Once it was all settled I had a bit of a sleepless night, just picturing him thinking we have abandoned him and left him. Which is a sad thought. But I think he will also really love to have some friends. He wishes Hobbes, our cat would play with him and love him, but Hobbes hasn’t warmed up to him very much yet. Slow progress there!

We will have a fun hockey tournament weekend away although I will be worrying about Calvin, wondering where his family went. I hope he will be having too much fun, that we will be back before he has missed us too much.

Sending Love,


2 thoughts on “Calvin

  1. I look forward to Wednesdays Devon because I look forward to your posts. You always provide something interesting to think about. Thank you again.

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