Tomorrow, we fly out in the early afternoon and land in LA by evening.

Logistics of travel always make me nervous, making sure we don’t forget anything that we need or forget to do anything before we go.

We will be meeting some other families there for over a week and I was telling my husband that I have to mentally prepare myself to be more extroverted while we are away.  That I already feel exhausted thinking about how we will (for the most part) constantly be with people during this adventure.

Of course, that got him laughing as I am normally tired anyway – I could quite easily live the life of a cat.

This evening for a short while, I had some moments of silence, which I have appreciated more and more lately.  Silence now means sitting at peace with myself.  Being aware of that moment.  I think there is also an art to finding that silence within, even when there might be anything but silence around you.

I will practice this while we are away, not forgetting that a trip to LA and fun activities such as Disneyland, are to be treasured and soaked up, every loud and crazy moment of it.

With love,


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