One Hundred!

It is my milestone blog post! 100th blog post in 100 weeks!

I was reading back over the past 99 blog posts which is so nostalgic!  They represent me so well.

My first post was March 13, 2018 (link here)

And then I was calculating which would be the halfway, 50th post.  This was my post on Personal Legend (link here) from February 19, 2019.  I Had finished reading one of my favourite books, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho.

A bit about me, to re-introduce myself:
I am a mom to two boys, 8 and 13 years old. And I live on Vancouver Island, work at a Credit Union and would love to write and illustrate books for kids! Which is how this whole blog started.  I actually hadn’t intended to start a blog.  But here I am, and I somehow manage to find something to write about every week, even if I my eyes are the only eyes that view this!

Things that wouldn’t be on my resume:

I am a Virgo, and INFJ and a morning person.  I know more people’s license plates than I can keep track of, I drink (clear) tea all day long and I take things very literally – don’t tell me you live beside a landmark if you actually live across the street and around the corner, details are important.  I love reading, and I like to know things, there is no time for boredom as there is always something to learn.

I am working on playing around with creating and developing my own style.  having fun with trying new things is important.

I have some ideas for a project with a specific direction I want to start developing more over the coming months, and I hope you will continue along with me in posts to come!

Thank you for reading!


With Love, met Liefde,


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