I remember when I was a teen (I think, maybe a bit younger?), we saw – or my mom brought our attention to – a story in the newspaper about a child in one of the southern United States that somehow ended up in water that was crocodile territory.

This child, having some kind of a unique condition, which of course I can’t remember the details of now, but unusual for any child, seemed to be oblivious to his state and swam calmly out of danger.  He didn’t panic.  It was like the world around him and the dangers, didn’t exist.  He didn’t give any attention to the risk he was in.

Why have I remembered this story all this time?  I don’t know why it stuck with me, except it seems, as an overthinker, that I could easily be the opposite.  I can envision how much focus that would require for the typical person to swim calmly and not draw attention to yourself.  To not allow your mind and thoughts to run away from you.  Maybe I have remembered this because it is exactly the skill I have been working on developing.

To have blinders on to my goals and my vision for my life.  I do struggle with the over thinking.  Logically, I can think of the mind set I want and need to have.  But then doubts creep in.  I wonder why things aren’t happening quicker.  I am getting better at checking myself and steering thoughts back towards the positive or bringing myself to silence so I can observe these thoughts.

Having written this out, I do now see that this is exactly why I have remembered this story for over 20 years.  The lesson I could take away from it.  The acknowledgement that this is an area of myself I can improve.  Monitoring my mindset remains the focus when I can keep my blinders on.

My mom often laughs that she tried to ensure we had wonderful childhood memories, but there are things she spent money on, or activities she put effort in, which weren’t remembered.  And here I remember this ‘child in crocodile waters’ story from the newspaper.  It seems silly until I realize there was a lesson here.



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