Over And Over

I was listening again to a podcast I have been repeatedly listening to since last summer. I had focused on a certain section, listening to it over and over for some time. Today, I dragged the time selection way back towards the beginning, and on my drive to work another time passage caught my attention.

Joe Dispenza (podcast with Jay Shetty) is talking about emotion. The way our brains fire and wire have our bodies fall into habits of feeling certain emotions at certain times and these habits are hard to break. The body goes on autopilot and meditation is what helps to change this. He says keep practicing. Being aware that your body is trying to go back on autopilot is the first step. And from the podcast:

“The body [becomes] trained to a new mind and when that happens, there is a liberation of energy. The body goes from particle to wave, from matter to energy, and there goes that emotion – literally, liberated from the body as energy. So the person who has the strong emotion to some circumstance in their life and they are working on lowering the volume of that emotion. The more they lower the volume of that emotion, the more they are going to take their attention off that person or problem and they are going to take their power back….. Now there is energy to heal….. They have overcome their old personality self…. ”

On my lunch today, I pulled out my Robin Sharma book, that I have been slowly progressing through. This chapter happens to align perfectly with what was discussed in the podcast. Emotion. Robin Sharma says that ‘to heal a wound, you need to feel the suppressed emotion under it.’ And goes on to explain that ‘the size of an overreaction to any particular situation… indicates the depth of the much earlier emotional injury.’ He calls this a ‘Field of Hurt’ and to ‘concentrate on improving your mindset while neglecting to heal old wounding and process through the pain stored within you, is to ignore the open door to your supremacy. And to create a state of self-sabotage that will keep you glued to the place that you currently are.’

Just as Joe Dispenza explains about our bodies being on autopilot, Robin Sharma has recognized this ‘autopilot’ to hold you back from the potential that you have. Robin Sharma goes on to explain his system of working through this, with awareness, feeling the emotion, releasing it and moving forward. This matches how Joe Dispenza explains, through meditation, that you are aware of it, feel it and ‘lower the volume’ of that emotion to take your power back.

It’s interesting when such similar messages come up in such a short time span. And also confirms the success of these methods to advance and progress forward taking into account the sources of this advice and information.

In this very podcast, Joe Dispenza advises that if there is a goal that you want to achieve, find out who has done it successfully and go ask them or research how they did it. ‘Don’t ask Facebook,’ he scoffs, find out who has mastered it and what they did. Surely somewhere in history you can find examples.

Listening to or reading things over and over can also provide insight and new understanding. If I have time to listen to something or read, I am going to make sure it is of value.

Sending Love,


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