Something I have been working on a lot lately is becoming better at emitting my own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around me.  I want to be in control of how I feel and I don’t want to be ‘hi-jacked’ and taken over by feelings and emotions of others.

It takes practice and I think the first step is noticing and being aware.  Realizing the mood is starting to go down a negative path and recognizing that I don’t want to change how my day is going.  This allows me to pull my thoughts back rather than have my thoughts take off without me.

At work, my manager had me read an article put out by the Harvard Business Review “Management Time: Who’s Got The Monkey?”  it talks about time management and delegation.  It uses the analogy of the monkey on the back.  I read this in respect to some people I deal with at work who come in and expect us to drop everything and solve their problems before we do anything else.  This gave me the perspective that I can’t allow people to come in panicked and transfer that panic on to me.  I can’t work effectively if I have the monkey on my back.  A lesson in awareness and recognition that people can keep their feelings and you will help them, but not necessarily take on those feelings yourself.

What goes along with this awareness is paying attention to how I am feeling and this quote comes to mind:

“I urge you to please notice when you are happy.” – Kurt Vonnegut

I love this one as it is such a good reminder that oftentimes you do get caught up in thoughts and things around you, and you aren’t really paying attention to the happy moments.  You look back and think later, how great some moments or events were, but it is another thing altogether to be in that moment and to recognize your happiness and be grateful.

My goal is to be a master of emitting my own frequencies and noticing the times I am happy will help increase my positive frequencies that I emit.



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