Hello Blog!

Hello everyone! And welcome to my new Blog! So what is this all about?

This page will eventually have some of my artwork featured on it.  Introducing and sharing my artwork is the goal here.  Something I haven’t done yet.  I tend to keep some (ok maybe more than some) things very private.

For so long, I have wanted to write and illustrate stories for kids.  *Surprise!*

No one has known this, except for immediate family, and some close friends. For a long time, I didn’t know it, couldn’t put my finger on it, but for an equally long time I have known it, it’s just getting the courage to move forward after I came up with a ‘story’ and ‘character’.

There was an event in my life, I can now look back and speculate was either foreshadowing of what was to come, OR it planted the seed in my brain of wanting to be published.

It started in grade 6:

We had a project to write a story, draw pictures, and then these books would be made into a book.  My teacher liked my book, loved the story, and he asked me to read it to the primary classes – k’s and grade 1’s!  This was such a compliment to me, and for someone who always shied away from any attention, I did enjoy sharing this with the little kids.

Now, fast forward 23 years, I have been working on my idea (I will share this later, it was something that just hit me like a lightning bolt and was so obviously me), and more stories and visuals have been manifesting and popping into my mind that I want to get them down on paper and develop and share them.

So this is the start of the journey….. Enjoy!

– Devon

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