Month 4!

I was scrolling back through some of my posts and remembered that I had written earlier in the year an update at the Week 4 mark, and now, it’s month 4! Already. The year is flying by and we are well into April. And as always, it feels like there is lots going on in life.

The regular hockey season has ended and Spring hockey is underway for my younger son. He also decided this year to give lacrosse a try. He has never done that before but some hockey teammates play lacrosse and so he wanted to see what that sport is like also. He’s a sporty kid, even though, having never played before at age 12, he seemed to fit right in. The older guy had his hockey tournament in Seattle and that was a little weekend getaway for us.

I am working on my book illustrations still. Just working on some, reflecting on them, then going back to add more. Illustrating two options of multiple scenes to see which I like better and then it’s also less pressure for an illustration to be ‘just so’ when I have a second illustration on the go. I like how that’s going. Still very much inspired by the work.

Puppy is much more manageable now 😂. We have had some good advice for walking and it’s like walking a different dog. I very much enjoy our morning walk each and every day. And he has gone on some doggy group hikes. He gets picked up, taken on a hike out in the trails in the woods with various other dogs and returned home. Other dogs can teach him things that we cannot, and he has a grand old time. He’s been a good boy.

It’s been cold here and very rainy and windy over Easter weekend, so we are feeling anxious for some sun and spring like weather. We didn’t spend much time outside at all on the weekend so it had all of us feeling a bit down. On the bright side, some – a fraction – of the 50 daffodil bulbs I planted in the yard are ready to bloom. Just waiting and hoping more of them emerge, but they should all grow next year I hope. At least planting perennials provides a recurring reward for the effort spent planting.

Still loving my ‘day job’ ~ one year after completing all my courses and licensing! (IIROC Investment Representative) I always say that I have just the right amount of ‘social interaction’ with my job, the advisor I work with meets all the clients and makes the plan and I get to talk to them and help them with things as well, and we have awesome clients – and the advisor is wonderful, so it’s just my cuppa tea. 😅

That’s my update for now. In the coming months… hockey and lacrosse tournaments, puppy’s first birthday, hopefully some nice weather, more walking with the brighter evenings and – cross your fingers for me, perhaps a dinner date with hubby, fit somewhere among the sports events!

Sending Love,


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