My love of books and reading had been on the (or ‘a’) back burner for quite a while. I could read for hours and days but I don’t feel like I can just flat-out ignore my family. 😂. Then for a few years now, as I put focus again on things I wanted in my life – things that I wanted for my life- like my art and illustrating, that has taken the focus of much of my personal time. The time that I can sit quietly by myself and pursue something for me.

Over a year ago, around the Christmas Holidays, I was done my two courses for work – Canadian Securities Course and the Conduct and Practices – after a year of study. There was another smaller component to still complete that winter, but I allowed myself the time to read a novel. Reading a novel again was a big deal for me. Anytime I considered reading before, it was all personal growth stuff. Which I love and which fascinate me.

Once I read this novel again though (a Christmas book by Patrick Taylor, and I loved his writing, btw), I thought for 2022 I should make a goal to read more. I would be soon done all my study, and I would have more leisure time. By the end of 2022 I had aimed to see a long list of ‘books read’ in a notes page of my day planner. I hadn’t read nearly as much as I had wanted to. And again, at this past Christmas, I made some time to read a few books. I was even gifted a couple of novels for Christmas. Random ones, which can always be a gamble! One of these books, I could hardly put down and read in a little over 24 hours. ‘I Let You Go’ by Clare Mackintosh.

I subsequently remembered why I hadn’t picked up a novel regularly in a few years. I have a hard time putting them down. If I read personal development stuff, I can monitor and time manage myself to read so much at a time as I have other commitments like making meals for my family 😆. While getting into my art again, I didn’t want to be distracted from my focus or get off track. And I just love books too much.

So my new plan is to alternate, maybe a novel between some other books, or one novel while I have 2 other books on the go. It seems to work well for me. Right now I have Carlo Rovelli on the go with his latest: ‘There are Places In The World Where Rules are Less Important Than Kindness’. He is a physicist and this book is a compilation of article publishings of his, mostly reflections and perspectives. I have also been reading ongoing for two months, Jose Silva’s Mind Control Method. It requires some re-reading and absorbing of the teaching. And I will finish tonight a Ken Follet book- Whiteout. Some of Ken Follet’s work can be much too tragic for me – and some parts attempting to shock, but he is a good writer and this one has been a page- turner. I was gifted his book ‘Never’ last Christmas and just finished that one recently as well.

Hopefully I have many more books on my list this year and I think sprinkling some novels among my other reading will keep me inspired, creative, and add additional perspectives. I have made sure there is some time in the evening, since my mornings are for art.

Sending Love,


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