Ring and Guidance

We got married in August, when our son was 1 year old. We also bought a house and took possession of it one week after the wedding date. This means that we got each other simple but classic white gold bands. A home was our priority over an extravagant event.

That was close to 15 years ago.

We pulled up to the post office to check our mail. I had a jolt of shock to see that my left hand was bare. The ring wasn’t there. Of course my first thought was how could I not notice? Where did it fall off?

We had immediately before, dropped off a stack of egg cartons at a farm stand. We drove back but the cartons were picked up and the stand closed up for the night. We looked around on the ground but couldn’t find it. We phoned the restaurant we had been at before the egg carton drop off. They said they didn’t find it.

Later that night, I was so anxious to find it. The value is primarily sentimental. The part that made me the most anxious was the fact I didn’t notice. I was unaware. It is distressing to me to think that something is happening around me or involving me and I didn’t know. My mind was pre-occupied? I was unaware.

I decided I needed to let my mind work productively. Thinking or forcing a memory wasn’t going to get me anywhere. I thought to myself, I need guidance. What happened with the ring?

No sooner had I thought this, but a memory of being in the restaurant came to mind. We were sitting in the booth. I moved a napkin and I felt something drop on my shoe. At the time, I thought it was odd and I made a note that I wasn’t missing anything, napkin, sweater, my purse was intact. What could have fallen? I did think to myself, that it’s very dark under the table, but I better check before we leave, but quickly went back to the conversation at hand and the thought evaporated.

I phoned them, described where we were sitting to the person who answered the phone this time, asked her to check there with a flashlight. She found it! So I was aware, at the time, for half a minute. And I became aware, later, when I wanted to know.

The being unaware is the feeling I do not like. Our minds are capable enough. I no longer want to settle for being unaware. The ring is a signal of that now.

Sending Love,


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