It’s the day of love, Valentine’s Day, which makes me reflect on the ones I love. We don’t ever do much on Valentine’s Day, but it always ends up being a fun day with a few treats shared and messages of affection texted around. We had yummy pancakes with fruit compote for supper, so even that was something to look forward to and makes it feel like it’s not a chore.

My husband Jay is my best friend and I reflect back on the years with him with affection, peace, love and support. We have been together since 2002, so we have lots of memories together now. Someone at work asked me what we gift each other on Valentine’s Day. And we often don’t. In the earlier years, we were definitely ‘house poor’ and had kids fairly young. So even a chocolate bar or a Tea from Tim Hortons is a nice little treat.

This day also makes me reflect on self-love. Valentine’s Day brings up a lot of talk about singles and those that feel they are missing out or feeling lonely. Which makes me sad to think people would be feeling horrible and that their loneliness may be forefront on this day because so much about couples is all over the shops and the media. I think self love is equally important. You could buy yourself flowers or a little something (or big something!) to treat yourself.

I also have a secret prediction. I feel that in many years from now, and I am sure humanity won’t be ready for this for probably hundreds of years… that people of the future will be on their own more. And by that I mean not reliant on another to feel loved. Our self love and consciousness will (gradually) evolve and advance to be that there won’t be a paradigm of people ‘needing’ another, or being with another because that’s simply what’s done. I think there will be relationships and love but I think people will be more aligned with their soul and spirit. After all, we are all simply souls. All the things that define us, define the human being, not the soul. And because we will have such a deep rooted self love, relationships and friendships will only be accepted that nurture and encourage and respect that soul.

I love the love that I have in this lifetime: my spouse, my family, my kids and my friends. I am so, so lucky to have this and recognize this. I love to see how there is more and more discussion around self love, as I feel that you bring into your life the kind of relationships that are a match for how you feel about yourself. And that is always evolving too. So love yourself first, and my wish to you is that you are celebrating love around you that also matches your soul.

Sending Love,


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