Gratitude List

Today I am grateful for:

Having a walk with my aunt today and seeing two other uncles and an aunt for a quick visit as well. Today would have been my grandpa’s and their dad’s 105th birthday. We walked to one of his favourite beaches in Victoria: Willow’s Beach.

Having this puppy in our life that we already adore so much. We have never walked so much daily as we do now with him, and my husband and I have a walk every evening now together with the puppy. It’s become our together talking time during the evening where we normally might both be doing other things.

I have this week off of work so can have some down time, as well as time with the boys to get them ready for school next week, and I am working on my illustrations for the book project.

We have had beautiful weather this August.

We have had a great summer, one of my favourite memories being the camping weekend for my mom’s 70th, on their property with my sisters and our families. Family time is the best.

A recent 6 hour luncheon spent with girlfriends which was good for the soul.

My aunt is clearing out some books from her library and passed on a collection of books to me that I am so excited to read. We have similar interests in the way of life perspectives, and philosophy.

And it is my birthday next week. And I will be 40 😃😅 I am not upset about the age, see a previous post of mine: Older (Sept 14 2021). We have some nice things planned, and I love September.

I hope you also have many things to be grateful for.

Sending Love,


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