I have started 2022 with deciding to make some specific intentions. The past few years have had certain events that seemed to define the entire year. 2019 we were working on a home reno that did last from January through December. It was the focus of that year. 2020 was covid, and getting through. 2021 I had started my new position and work and I studied and completed two courses.

Now I am ready to decide on specific things that I would like to achieve. As with deciding on any goals, first I picked out a day planner I wanted to use and how I wanted to use it. I have found it does seem to be true that anything you want to achieve, you just need to write it down and it happens.

A big goal and focus I will always have is to grow personally. At the beginning of my planner there are a few pages for notes. I am going to write down which books I read throughout the year (and I am happy to say there are already some listed, since this year I am not studying!). I have a page for intentions. A page for mindset reminders. A page for actions completed – that are specific to any goal or intention that I have.

I follow Robin Sharma and have just started reading his latest book, The Everyday Hero Manifesto. I am only 30 pages in but have read about the importance of being ‘faithful to your Ideals’ and to ‘shift from making excuses to delivering results.’

I have recently decided to remove Facebook from my phone. I found that this was turning into nothing more than a distraction. It wasn’t useful, it wasn’t ‘serving’ me in any way. I can log in on my computer with intent to participate in a fitness and exercise accountability group I am part of. The rest is just noise.

So who needs the destruction if it just takes away from what you really want to do and uncovering who you really are? Life is too short. The years seem to go by quicker and quicker. I don’t want to use my time being distracted from making my own magic or truly enjoying life. I am going to really be more aware of things that just ‘distract’ and Facebook was the loudest that just had to be silenced.

Sending love,


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