Where I am

Patience. You are where you are meant to be. Trust. Stop comparing to someone else’s journey.

This has been a common theme for me lately. These little messages have shown up in front of my face a few times in the last two weeks. So it has made me pay attention. I noticed.

It has me asking myself, what ways have I been impatient? In what ways have I felt ‘less than’ or ‘behind’? And as I write this, the image of our absolute dream house comes to mind. We saw it on the market two weeks ago. Completely in a style we love, on enough land, with a separate shop / garage. In a lovely neighborhood, I might add. Stunning. A bit out of range for us. And although that fact is a bummer, it also hasn’t crushed me. I don’t feel, you know, devastated by that. This is ‘that’ place that I could put on my vision board. And think of it with appreciation for what it is, without feeling sadness that it isn’t part of my plan right now.

I think that’s a big step. I am grateful for that outlook. Everything does happen as it is meant to. And I can imagine the gratitude that the present or new owners likely feel to have that home. I can look at it with admiration, and gratefulness that it exists so I have a real vision in my mind.

Just this morning, I heard this definition of patience: ‘moving quietly with intention and integrity.’ That is also an appropriate description for how I think I approach my life. It’s put into words how I would be proud to approach my life.

And when you have specific images or goals in mind, I think it makes us realize what we are willing to be patient for. And we can act with intention in order to advance towards it. I still often remind myself to refrain from comparing to others. No one else is on my path. So when all these reminders crop up repeatedly, I look at the evidence closely. Remain patient. Trust. I am where I am meant to be. Thankfully, I noticed.

Sending Love,


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