Year Review 2022

Since it’s the last week of 2022, I am in the last few days of the day planner I have been using all year. Normally, I don’t follow through with a day planner all year, as I may start with certain habits, and then switch gears a bit, and enter things mostly on a wall calendar and then forget about recording in a book agenda.

Before 2022 started, however, I had begun to read Robin Sharma’s newest book, The Everyday Hero Manifesto, which talks about living a ‘masterful’ life, not wasting your talents and potential, etc. Much like the 5am Club, there is emphasis on having systems in place to follow through with commitments you make, ‘honour your genius,’ – not that I think I am on genius level 😅 – but nurture your natural gifts and talents.

So I put some thought into the type of planner I wanted. I wanted to be able to record which workout I completed each day, and which ‘audio’ I had listened to – whether it be a podcast, or meditation or a Mindvalley audio lesson. I also wanted to be able to record the name of the blog I completed weekly. Blank note pages at the front (or back) were also important. I found one that matched this basic criteria, with enough space in the daily dates for some more notes as well as the monthly calendar visual.

So, with inspiration from Robin Sharma, these are some of the records I created in the beginning ‘notes’ pages:

Books read – title, author and date book completed.

Intentions – specific goals and written reminders of wording to use to speak the intentions with a positive mindset.

To Remember – key points of the mindset to keep and what wording or positive quote ‘speaks’ to me.

Good things – (I love this one) I wrote down any positive or exciting thing that happened during my year so I would always remember the good times and the blessings… the date and what made that date a good one. I ran into two pages!

Actions – any specific things I wanted to check off my list to work toward a goal of mine. Even if it was a simple thing like something to research. And the date completed.

Workouts – the programs completed on my fitness app and dates.

Then just last month, I started a new list, Things I have won.. which I was thinking back on and realizing I have won a few things over the years so a reminder of these things not only boosts my spirits but it’s all evidence for what I can do (manifest), so why can’t it keep happening, right? And then I can keep adding to it. Evidence is the loudest voice, as they say.

I have to find a new planner, and pretty quickly too, as I am eager to begin again, start my new notes, lists and intentions and new action items, and I want to add some bigger intentions to the list. Bigger goals. I looked around a bit for a planner but didn’t see one yet that checks all the boxes and then we have had snow here which put a kink into some plans to get out for other shopping.

So I wrap up my 2022 planner – little book of evidence and blessings, and look forward to starting a fresh year. I hope 2022 was kind to you and best wishes for the start of 2023!

Sending Love,


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