Scavenger Hunt

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a suggestion I learned from Vishen of Mindvalley: to make a list of ‘The Magic that I Witnessed Today.’ Beautiful things and synchronistic things that happened in your day that prove to you how beautiful your life is. Look for the good. Well what if you mentally make a list of the magic that you want to see. Or write it down – before it happens. Making a ‘scavenger hunt’ of this magic.

I had saved a post of Mel Robbins, in Instagram – which I do, if I want to go back and listen or reflect further on some points of interest. She is talking about her latest – at that time – podcast episode about synchronicity. Her guest speaker on the podcast goes over ways to train your brain to bring more of these synchronistic experiences, and magic, into your life. Her post puts out a challenge to look for anything ‘heart shaped’ to appear in your day.

Listening to the podcast featuring a Dr. Myers (this was the December 7th, 2022 episode), they discuss very divinely powerful synchronistic moments. A couple come to mind for me: both in college years. The first one, I was on a lunch break at my job and I walked over where there was an outdoor patio area at the mall to sit down. It was a beautiful day and there were people seated at every table. One table with 4 seats had one person, so I walked over and asked if I could take a seat that seemed to be available. The man said yes and after some small talk of enjoying the weather etc, we discovered that I had gone to middle school and was in the same class as his son. In a neighbouring town. The other experience was talking with a college classmate about our travels abroad and she had been at a specific dinner event, at the same restaurant in the same city on the same day as myself the two years before in The Netherlands. Very magical.

More and more has been happening lately, in the way that I will think about people and then they will call or text me. Or at work, I need someone to sign a document and they end up calling me – which was unexpected.

Dr. Myers suggests to quiet your mind, notice patterns. And trust your gut and your self. Build your synchronicity awareness. Be able to understand when things happen for a reason. And to look for the signs. You will generate what they call an ‘upward spiral’ – an increase in your energy and your joy and feeling of purpose.

Mel’s tips:

– allow yourself to want things. Be clear on what you want. Then when you recognize these synchronicities, they will be guideposts that you are going in the right direction. Write down 5 things every morning that you want.

– look for hearts. This is your scavenger hunt! Looking for heart shapes in anything. This trains your brain to find synchronicities.

And the very end of the podcast gave me goosebumps. It ended with a very synchronistic story of a podcast listener of hers that emailed in, while they were recording. I love to hear those stories and Mel is a joy to listen to.

Sending Love,


One thought on “Scavenger Hunt

  1. I look forward to your writing every week Devon. There are so many beautiful thoughts to think about. Thank you.


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