“Focus on your inner light. Bring it into the room.” A note I typed into my phone, as well as, “consciousness sees before your eyes see, not the other way around.”

I had some time the other evening, which I used to watch a documentary. I don’t often choose to watch movies or shows in my downtime. There are too many other things to do for my ‘self care,’ like paint, watch master classes, read some of my personal growth books, meditate or take a bath. I remembered a friend had told me about a documentary she knew I would be interested in, some months back, and I had forgotten about it just because I don’t often think of tv, when none of my boys are home.

I texted her, we determined the name of the documentary again and I proceeded to find it on whatever platform I could (YouTube won that one), and watched Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible.

It is about people with extra-sensory powers and some experiments to show and explain how these things can be possible. It’s a fascinating show. As you know, I love learning about mind over matter and the potential people have to control or at the very least, influence, their own realities. Oftentimes, I am frustrated with myself that for the attention (and intention) that I devote to learning about this, that I am not farther along. But then I realize I have come a ways (case in point, last weeks blog).

Learning also seems to arrive at the right time and in the right order as well, I have noticed. So after watching this, some thoughts clicked into place and added to learning or discoveries (ideas?) I have already developed. I feel like the learning on self growth and awareness is endless and infinite. It’s all layers. You learn something about yourself. Learn more, learn more and keep learning and adding to the layers so everything slowly and gradually clicks into place. I made some key notes for me, as I do when I come across anything that helps things click. I find this helps when I learn new things and look back at what previously jumped out at me. This has helped me make connections and find my layers faster. I read them regularly.

When I get discouraged I remind myself to be excited about my most recent layer and all the layers of growth that I am expanding upon. It can be slow going, but all the layers are equally important.

Sending Love,


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