My sister in law, Tania, had visited Ireland and Scotland a few times. One year she just decided she needed to venture further into the world and went off on a vacation by herself. She loved it so much, she kept going back. She and my husband had been told growing up that their name was Scottish. When she travelled, however, she discovered that the name McFadden is Irish.

Pictured above is a McFadden Arms scroll that she picked up in Killarney, Ireland. She did say she had to request it be custom printed as this name or spelling of it, wasn’t very commonly found. We really don’t know anything of that side of my husband’s family, as his dad left when he was two, and he has not seen him since. But that’s ok. It is our name now to carry forward and make our own.

Although Tania gifted this to us some time ago, I hadn’t had it framed until now. Our home reno is done, I had a place I wanted to place it, and the size isn’t a commonly found frame size. My son brilliantly suggested green as the frame colour we should go with, so I bought green paint and sprayed a black frame that I found in that size. One of those little tasks that I don’t set aside time for when working full time, I got around to painting it this week while off work, and putting it together today. 🤗

We had a fantastic Christmas, just the four of us, but we talked to our family, FaceTime chatted with our friends on Christmas who are normally dining with us. I am reading an amazing book which I will tell you about later. I still, out of habit, bought just about the biggest turkey I could find, so we had lots of leftovers and I made Turkey pies as well. And importantly, it’s just some downtime from our normal hustle and bustle. Just what I need. Just what I need to complete little projects such as this that make our house a home.

Thank you for reading. Wishing you happiness and sending Love,


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