Today was day 1 of working from home. Being that this is the 9th week that my work has been closed, it feels a bit like we are going backwards. This is a time when our province is re-opening businesses. I have been working the entire time, as I wrote about in my blog ‘Essential’ a few weeks ago.

As my local office of the credit union is closed, I have been working a couple of days a week in a neighbouring town’s branch and the other days in our closed office to still offer support through email and phone. It feels like we had to deal with changes weekly, which takes a toll on emotions. Not only attempting to do my job as normal, but dealing with changes and two boys doing (or not really doing, as many days proved) school work from home.

This newest change came about as the other business in the building did re-open today, the insurance. With the layout of the building, it is better we not work there as people wouldn’t understand that banking is still not open at that location. I was very anxious about attempting to figure out new work arrangements again, especially technology related arrangements. So over the weekend, I prepped my computer, cleaned it and was all set and ready to go this morning. Day 1 was a success. I guess change is mostly just fear in my own head.

There is so much confusion though, what is safe to re-open, what should remain closed, where are you allowed to go. Stay home but parks are re-opening. Who even knows anymore. When I took time out for lunch, the boys and I walked two blocks to get mail from our post office and got ice cream at the local ice cream shop’s day 1 of re-opening. That was fun, I can’t do that when I am working ‘at work’. Supporting the economy one ice cream at a time is something I can get behind.

I don’t know when my work will be back to normal, it could still be a few weeks. In these confusing times, I am thankful I live in a cute little village that we can bike or walk around during the day when I work at home. I am more thankful that we are heading into the nicer and warmer weather season while things are so up in the air. No matter what kind of day I am having, the sun makes everything better.

I hope you are all staying healthy and well. I am doing my best to send out good vibes daily.

Xo Devon

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