Rat Pups

I told my mom today that my sisters and I are her ‘rat pups.’

I was reading about cellular memory. Scientists now know that memories are stored in cells all over the body. Our experiences do not just reside in our brain.

From this article, on consciouslifestylemag.com, it says, “now scientists are striving to understand how cells acquire these memories and perhaps treat disease at its roots by adjusting them.” Two doctors have “discovered specific chemical markers on our cells that seem to signal whether to use a certain gene or not.” Through their research, something that has now been revealed to change these ‘markers of cellular memory,’ is a Mother’s love. It says, “through lab experiments with rats, the researchers found that a mother rat licking her pups literally changes the chemical markers attached to the gene that governs their existence of fear, resulting in the pups displaying less fear throughout their lifetime and indicating that a Mother’s love can ‘program their brains for life.’ ”.

We all know how powerful love is! So it goes on to say that this has “verified that love is an antidote to fear and both love and fear can be measured on a cellular memory level.”

So, to my mom, I say thank you for loving me like a rat with her rat pups.

With Mother’s Day, I do enjoy seeing all the posts and tributes to amazing moms. I did not post something, as I saw my mom in person, fortunately, and I feel like not everything needs to be shared on Facebook. But then… the guilt strikes. Is it not ‘official’ unless it’s on Facebook? But the important thing is I feel like a rat pup and my mom knows it.

Sending Love,


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