Time to get back to some of what was my normal routine of setting intentions for my day. Covid came along and suddenly, I was someone that watched the news everyday and became worried and anxious.

Now that some things are beginning to go back to some form of normal, I need to scrap that anxiousness and remember what I had been doing to remain sane and optimistic before all this started.

Part of it was setting intentions. I tell myself at night what time I want to wake up in the morning – and do so without an alarm. And I use that time before I need to get up and start getting ready, to think about what kind of day I want to have. I use that time to get in the right mindset. Decide and visualize how I want things to go for me.

I have been doing this again this past week, and I wake up looking forward to this time. It sets the tone for my day and I have been reminded how much of a difference this makes. It helps my sanity and gives back some feeling of control.

I have also been taking vitamins consistently again for the past month and have not been nearly as tired and am able to wake up with focus. At a time two weeks ago when signs were appearing in my life to focus on more organic and less toxic, a work friend – without knowing this, approached me and said she was listening to a podcast and knows I drink a lot of tea and suggested I make sure to pick organic teas. Who knew it would be hard to find organic black tea? But success was mine just this past Sunday when I found some at my grocery store.

So from little advances like organic tea, to true intention of my mindset and approach to my day, things are looking up! And how refreshing that is.

Hugs and stay healthy!


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