Summer 2019

This year, summer has been for:

-boxing up our house to store on deck

-asbestos drywall removal from our home

-bathroom demo

-bike riding to the government dock (I don’t think it is called that anymore..)

-lighting shopping

-tile shopping

-returning of the broken tile

-more tile shopping

-race car watching at the speedway

-concrete pouring

-wandering at Moss St Paint in

-floor protecting

-tearing up floor as it was damaged during drywalling

-house painting

-outside trim painting

-countless hardware and home store visiting

-bunking in the basement

-birthday brunching at the pub

-beach day and mini golfing

-hockey camp

-peppermint plant harvesting and drying

-vanity shopping

-flooring installing

-podcast listening (Robin Sharma – the Mastery Sessions)




I didn’t even mention working…

And there is only 2 weeks left in August!  Pretty excited to no longer live out of boxes, I am really glad this was during the summer 😉  This will be a summer to remember. How is yours going?



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