May Madness

“The tournament next weekend in Nanaimo, is that hockey or Lacrosse?” Me, asking my husband Jay, who ‘manages’ our younger son’s sports schedule. I was asking as there are 4 weekends in a row of tournaments. Vancouver for hockey, then Vancouver for Lacrosse, then Nanaimo for Hockey, then Vancouver for hockey. it’s enough to make my head spin.

For Vancouver trips, if it’s hockey, they will carpool to save on ferry costs and split a hotel with another father and son. For Lacrosse, the wives went along as her son is also on the lacrosse team. So I joined the boys this past weekend for a lacrosse tournament – a new experience for us! Our older son wanted to stay home for a video game tournament he signed up for, and he cared for the pup.

The next hockey weekend, I will miss some games as our older son has an orientation lined up for his new job. Our dog has recovered well from his neuter and has joined some doggy hikes again so he learns what he needs to learn from other dogs and can play with them as well. Throw in some dog training classes and my husband and older son’s birthdays at the very end of the month makes me feel like May is a bit hectic! At least finally seeing some sun emerge – and forecasted – make it all seem do-able with the added energy of knowing summer is coming and the longer days are here. When you have young kids you assume those early days will be your busiest days. But in fact it is when they are older and teens. That is when there is more demand for your support and time. Friends who have kids older than mine have all said the same and I am finding how true it is. So it will be no surprise to me if I feel that June, through the summer months and through the end of the year, are just as busy. The years do go by quicker as we get older.

I seem to keep having similar lessons on patience and enjoying the moments. Jay reminds me frequently that I will miss the busy days when the boys are grown. And I am very sentimental so he is 100% right!

Wishing you a happy May!

Sending Love,


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