Cooking Conversations

What I just love on days when we are feeling a little blue because of Covid and poor weather is coming home and chatting with my husband while cooking.

Let’s face it, on a day like today, we are venting about covid, and the snowy weather which limits certain activities or work. Fatigue on all of these points has set in. How much longer can we continue to deal with this ever-changing pandemic? Schools postponed and limits on gatherings. This week. Who knows what next week or next month holds? We have been having snow on and off since just before Christmas, and rain almost non stop since early November. Not much sun light to be seen.

Sipping a glass of wine while chopping veggies and setting water to boil and preparing a salad is my favourite time for talks of our day. Companionship while preparing a meal is really a way to my heart. Valuable bonding time to talk through life. Preparing meals has never been my favourite activity for the sole reason of being tired after work, and then it’s more work with preparing and then cleaning.

So although the mood was a bit blue to start with, I recognized that there is no one else I would rather spend the evening with talking about the challenges of the day. Then the chores feel lighter and worthwhile. We laugh a lot as well, today it was about the fact that I had hidden our teen’s phone and then forgot all about it for 4 days. I forgot we took it away from him, for a screen break, and then I would have forgotten where I put it but didn’t need to think about it because they called it and found it before I got home. The most surprising aspect was that our teen didn’t seem to miss it, or he would have pestered us days ago. Which is why I clearly pushed it from my mind and didn’t felt like I needed to remember anything about it.

Sharing work like cooking does make for good conversations and good memories. Daily, I feel gratitude that my partner is my best friend. We can have our comfortable silences but cooking is when lots of conversations take place. It makes these gloomy days feel brighter.

Sending Love and Happy New Year wishes,


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