September and my Sister’s sweaters

September, a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. Cleaning out closets, getting out fall clothes and boots. Start of a new school year too!

My two boys did start school again. Distance leaning, or home schooling was not an option with me being at work Monday to Friday. So they started again at school, first time since March. They wear masks in the common area such as hallways and buses. We don’t have many Covid cases on the island right now. With a population of 900,00, there are about 19 active cases on our Island ~ Vancouver Island. So thankfully, with a ferry in the way, we have been fortunate with our numbers.

Early September, my family always go to our local country fall fair, and of course, it wasn’t on this year so I missed and mourned that tradition.

We had my sister’s two little kids for a sleepover on the weekend. Her youngest one being two, so that was their first sleepover together with us. And they were a fun little pair, with big personalities. As I was sorting through some fall clothes, I decided I wanted to get some more sweaters for the season. Then my sister brought an armful when she came to pick up the kids. She no longer had the use of some beautiful sweaters that I was happy to accept. Thoughts do become things after all! How easily that manifested.

I also turned 38 last week. It has been a beautiful ‘birthday month’ so far. I don’t mind sharing my age. I often think how fortunate I am that I keep aging. I ALWAYS think of that quote, ‘don’t regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many.’ Each season and each year is a gift. The bigger perspective makes some daily struggles seem trivial and unimportant in the grand scheme, doesn’t it?

Wishing you all a beautiful September!

Sending Love,


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