Today I am thankful for the friends that I have. You know how you have different groupings of friends?

You have the best friends, the work friends, the better work friends, the acquaintance friends, the acquaintance-but-could-be-friends, the family friends (as in family members that are friends, you can confide in, chat with), the idea friends, the spiritual friends…

It’s so nice to have various friends. People that you know think about you, send good thoughts and good vibes your way, and root for you. It’s uplifting to have the close friends you can share your heart with and the more casual friend that can wish you well and share some laughter with.

Some days, you selfishly need the good energy from others to wash over you. To give you strength and confidence. This has been true for me for the last week. And with the great conversation all the way to the kind greeting from a coffee shop acquaintance, it fills my heart.

Friendships mean so much when there is uncertainty in the air. Friendships give comfort and support. Even if you can’t share all the details of what’s in your heart. Sometimes, particularly when you can’t share the details of what’s in your heart. The support is felt even when it cannot be understood by the giver. You truly don’t know how far your kindness and friendship can go.

Sending Love,


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