This quote couldn’t be more true for me.  I love to communicate with people.  I love to meet people, hear their stories and learn about them.  I want to share parts of myself too but I do hold back a lot.

I follow people on Instagram who share little tidbits in their posts which are fun to read and get to know little glimpses of someone’s life.  I appreciate those posts the most, but it doesn’t (always) come naturally for me.  How do I write two sentences that link the reader with an experience I am having? This is what I need practice at.  Not overthinking it (which does come naturally to me) about the wording being exactly relevant with the image.  With making sure I am not oversharing.  With coming off approachable.  With an image and a little story, presentation is important to me.

I have done a couple of successful posts which received engaged responses to it, which I appreciate very much.  I do notice when I share these little stories, I do get more interaction.  I will not do anything that is forced.  So when I am posting, if something doesn’t come to me right away, then I just explain what the image means to me, or my process.

I do want people to know my work and learn about me.  I do like the way art can communicate with others and bring people together.  When you just focus on the positive of social media like Instagram and just share positive comments to what you are viewing, you can find a nice community of artists.  I have found a nice collection of artists who are mutually supportive.

So, although some people seem to get lots of people looking at their work by jumping up and down and waving their arms ‘over here!’ my style is more: ‘I will sit here quietly and present my work and if anyone likes it, they will keep checking back and follow along’.  A nice balance, I find, of presenting what I love, and then sitting back and hiding.  This is also how I approach this blog.  I have enjoyed keeping this blog much more than I thought, and have gotten more and more comfortable writing something every week.

Genuine communication lets me know I am on the right track with what I am sharing of myself.

How do you like to communicate?  What works for you?



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